Benefits of machine learning on productivity

Ever wonder why Google goes through all the trouble of remembering your searches and online shopping history? It’s not only for the company’s benefit, but also to make tasks and scheduling easy for you. By predicting work patterns and files that you are more likely to use, something called machine learning boosts your productivity.

Based on thousands and possibly millions of recorded actions and data, machine learning analyzes your past actions to guess what you need to do next. Machine learning can suggest specific documents, launch apps, schedule meetings, and send emails depending on your email writing schedule, the device you're using, and apps you're using at the time.

How does machine learning work?

One great example is using the Explore button on Google Sheets. It’s a small cross icon button on the lower right portion of the screen that reveals data trends. Through machine learning, Explore can also analyze written data, and suggest the best layout and settings for you. It can even help you format and design your file!

Machine learning ultimately helps you avoid menial tasks, like locating a document that’s lost in years of saved random documents in one folder. Machine learning automatically suggests files or websites that you usually open during certain times of day.

Other routine tasks like searching for and downloading files, sorting emails, and launching apps are also made easier through machine learning. Imagine the time and effort that you’re going to save if you’re only focusing on jobs that actually require your brain cells to work!

No more spam emails

One of the best benefits of machine learning algorithms is the significant reduction of spam in your emails. Manually managing emails and sorting them into folders can take hours. That’s a huge waste of time and money if you’re paying employees for other, more technical, skills.

If you still think of Gmail as a low-level consumer app, it’s time to reevaluate that assumption. Upgrading to the business subscription gives you greater control over the spam filter and malware detector so you can boost employee productivity.

Replying to emails can be a monotonous task sometimes. But with Smart Reply, getting to inbox zero can be accomplished in minutes. Gmail suggests reply templates for each mail you receive. It's already a great feature when you need to respond with something basic like, "Yea, that time works for me!" but it gets more accurate and intelligent every time you add a hand-typed a response to the database.

All these features make work collaboration more accessible and way faster. This makes Google Apps perfect for businesses that require remote and constant collaboration with colleagues. For more information about these features, contact us today.

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